5 Lies Your Parents Told You About Career

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Your parents almost always have your best interest at heart, but if you’re relying on their financial and career advice, it might be harmful. They don’t lie to you intentionally, but the world is changing really fast and the wisdom passed on from elders is now completely useless.

Let’s see what lies your parents told you about your future career:

1) You have to go to university

My parents had always told me I had to go to school, learn well, then go to university and spend my life in a nice job. What did I learn at university? Absolutely nothing about my work. If I hadn’t learnt how to code from books and the internet, I wouldn’t know everything I know now.

Of course, some of the people, like doctors, need to go to school. Some of the schools might be a good investment, like an MBA. But it’s not necessary to finish them to get a good job or to become an entrepreneur.

2) You have to pick a path for your career and stick to it

It might be true a few decades ago but definitely is not valid anymore. The days when companies rewarded loyal workers with job protection, pension plans and periodic salary rises are long gone. In the Internet era, you can learn new things every single day, change your interests every few months and occupation every year.

The most successful entrepreneurs are jacks of all trades. Look at Elon Musk. He started his career as a coder, created one of the most popular finance providers in the world, started building electric cars and space rockets. Now is also producing solar panels and building tunnels.

3) The more you work, the more you earn

It’s a lie told by businesses throughout the years to motivate employees to increase productivity. Employees said this lie their kids and the myth still exists.

You can work 100 hours a week at minimum wage jobs and still try to make ends meet. Working smart, not hard is important. The goal for every entrepreneur is to work less, make more money (e.g. using passive income) and keep the work-life balance.

4) If you don’t have an office, you don’t have a real job

When your parents started their careers, concepts like remote working or telecommuting didn’t exist. There wasn’t technology like Skype or Facetime, Slack didn’t exist, and personal computers were big grey boxes, which only rich people could afford. Your parents get used to working 9-5, so they may not understand the idea of flexible hours.

Today we do everything online – from shopping, paying bills, watching movies, to dating and chatting. So why should working online be any different? Remote working makes you more productive and flexible. You can sleep better and stress less, as you don’t have to commute every day.

5) Only becoming a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer will make you rich

Of course, if you become one of them, you would probably make some good money. But: how many billionaire doctors do you know? How many actors have finished college? How many businesspeople and entrepreneurs are lawyers or engineers?

You should do what you love. And if you’re really good at it (and have a good idea of how to make cash on it), you can become richer than doctors or lawyers. You can open a business, which sells millions of products, you can create a startup, which would make millions of dollars. The sky is no longer a limit now.

What kind of lies did your parents tell you about career and jobs?

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